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tv   [untitled]    June 2, 2015 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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rt review what i've heard since 2 i'm looking people that say 45 days people will get kicked out people tried to get me kicked out of supervisor wiener district it take more than 45 days to kick people out in addition, i noticed that people economics folks are saying over and over supply and demand it didn't work here i don't why would he wouldn't try something else we need to be like the stem folks there are only 13 parcels that is left that makes a problem and people are are against the pause they could use a pause too it seems
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so beyond that and my (clapping) >> i have 9 sessions left my last point to look at bodies of this diversified is saying their against this. >> thank you, ma'am your is up>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon. i know you guys are a little bit tired i was a youth commissioner another one point and sat in the meetings i want to refresh you guys i'm christina i was broird and educated at ucsf i'm a paraprofessional i was going to write something to inspire you about the crap but i applied to law school one the schools asked me to write a personal statement i want to share that with the time allowed school graciously
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ebbs and flows up the street and crowns the what did you do next in a hallow of fire a crisp morning and light csa cascading from lingering pulled on the concrete la nights - and the arresting room blooms to the cracks in the sidewalks wrapped in teeny packages relaxing in ham let's and sleepy haze and awe resourcing i look up with the crest of the hill spotting the next bus and people trench across altercations and pigeons leave a drum roll towards the sunrise increasingly more people leave their hearts behind and
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gentrification has robbed many of the essence of feelings and arts and other in the latino community by the sucker punch of airbnb and the uber the bus pulled me out of my daydream moving down the take codes and up the zip codes i think to myself which side are you on and - >> thank you very please (clapping) wow. >> which side are you on my name is jasmine a resident of the sunset district i encourage my supervisor i work as a organizer for the utility a statewide organization that i'm sorry my whole thing got deleted
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we're good we're good a citywide energy foretelling come at we believe that the telecom is our human rights we can't manifest it without a roof over the head and families and contingency specifically brown and black communities have been displaced and i'm sorry communities are struggling to keep their homes and find affordable homes and techies that don't work in the city you supervisor tang and even though rest of the crew h have the opportunity to stop the transparent pause that allows for a hundred percent of affordable housing supervisors that is a wise way to spend time and take a look at the moratorium with we can liv
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holistic means instead of the out of state take over or the repetitive solution that don't work i want to shout out for people that turned out for justice i like to leave you with a moving quote to build community requires vigilant awareness of the work we continuing do to undermine to behave in ways that dominate the nation let's stop the for profit and let's keep it for and by the people please do the right >> thank you (clapping) and. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm a constituent and voter in district 8 and i'm asking my supervisor to vote yes on the moratorium and also to vote for a hundred percent affordable housing and for all the supervisors here as
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well i'm born and raised in san francisco and excelsior and mission districts and how's crisis i've taught at the unified school district for 8 years and i currently work at san francisco state university with the san francisco students that live in the green bayer u bay area that pay $10 to come to the university in the is a city they graduated from high school from so this semester my family is currently facing eviction in san francisco and we don't know what to do as someone that cares as a service provider didn't have the answers i don't know y where she can go we don't have affordable
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housing for this student she should be studying and working on her career instead she's trying to you find out where they are family and older brother can go i want to join me as the representatives of the community workers please join me in responding to the student and families and give them the answers we have housing for them in san francisco so that's part of power we have together we can work on issues of income and economic inequalities we're on par with the income equities according to the international scales you need 90 thesis person income to afford rent in san francisco as a teacher for the san francisco unified school district i've been out of the market i can't bye a house but
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i'm here to figure out this this is is a public health issue the 4th solution let's keep it up and keep going and hold our representatives please. >> (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> hello names a cynthia i'm a teacher here in san francisco unidentified and the president of the latino teacher association we hope every single one of you will vote yes an common analogy in the cannery or the public education at all and the the mind is housing the how's situation is killing public education our housing situation makes it impossible if
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education is the equal letter i heard is recently, we can't educate we have no were to live we want question yes on the moratorium we need this as a community that believes in education teachers are being forced out students are being forced out when we ask students how they're providing or their parents how they're providing for a place to study another home it is impossible you have three or four families i had a family that got rid of the books because they got rid of the books we need yes on the moratorium it represents a responsible it represents hope a yes vote represents a belief in education we need to keep our teachers in the city and families here in the city please
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vote yes. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) good afternoon supervises i'm a constituent of supervisor president london breed i live in district 5 i'm here to speak as someone i'm in support of moratorium as a working person i don't get to voice my thoughts we can't participate we're working and commuting excluded i'm here to support of admission community and it remains a latino community that city is being taken offer by a white elite i cherish the cultural diverse i want to see it fortified and thriving as someone that lives in san francisco for 40 years only two or three in the mission there were precious we can't let it be
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destroyed because of the cultural diversity i recent able to learn spanish i want 80 went to cultural events and cherish that like a i cherish my district finally i want to say that not everyone in the city can make hundred thousand dollars this is not the way it is going to be those are the people that we want to have economic diversity that's the kind of city i want the only thing the moratorium nothing like that is not far enough there are enough luxury unites and district 5 huge apartment and we don't need luxury housing we need affordable housing in tens of thousands of unit i want to say eminent domain i think there are units that should be taken over and have co-opts there are solutions we can all
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work together and take the pensions and use that for housing 0 please vote yes on the moratorium we really, really need to keep this - >> thank you. next speaker, please (clapping.) >> hello supervisors i'm kimberly a resident of excelsior i work at sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, 1021 an as individual to support of moratorium my mom and dad meet in 1963 agency immigrants on 24th street and underscore do 53 she was a waitress he worked for the garage company i had the privilege of growing up in the mission going to school in the mission and being part of community when it was a place for working class people
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to be here people in the service industry i was lucky enough to stay a youth living in public housing i'm here to talk about a crisis of that working class people can't afford here they are the backbone the economy we need to stand up and you have an obligation to make affordable housing for all people we'll w will will have failed them if you don't support this you will have failed (clapping) and. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors i'm the executive director of a firm but here as a mission district as a momma's a 11-year-old and as worked worked worked for the city and being pushed ousted august 1st is my move date so
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when are you guys going to go through the sro's and when are you guys going to a funeral of a homeless person and talk to the immigrant families that come to the city is the sanctuaryy city if you, i don't know where you've been we've been talking about this for 20 years when we were poor we were in city hall asking for services and asking for help and safety and now that we are a gold mine we're back here again asking for protection and safety and asking for help it seems like the only people that care commissioner avalos and david and supervisor kim and supervisor mar supervisor yee we want your vote so (clapping) and those of you on the fence get off the events we elected
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you this city has to work for everyone there was a homeless person youth that didn't want to be on thes and my colleagues the social workers are indicating mental health breaks down like the teachers that are having break down as acting as social workers we expect you to come up with a solution not just the moratorium but a city for all with or without the moratorium we expect you to come up with a solution we'll continue to come out and guess what we have another wave of people coming we're here for a >> thank you>> thank you. next speaker please. >> (clapping.) hello supervisors my name is wendy i'm in the mission since
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the 80s i've first moved there to an incredibly inclusive diverse community that was a sanctuary community they supported us giving homes to people that were fleeing tough times and those are the people getting shoved out in the 90s i lived interest with my son they started building those luxury loft for artist but luxury housing with a kind of a will that once those got built rents went through the roof and we got evicted then so many people got evicted no practices for the place for the people that put their how late into the community and kind of the gated community we need to stop building those they're not serving our community we need to
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have housing that serves the whole community please alone and help us >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> good evening aim kari white a recipe of san francisco for nearly thirty years raised my family and call san francisco my home every year the city is more and more expensive yes and no friends of mine had to leave the city and supervisor campos i really appreciate and yes, ma'am emphasis with our concern about the mists mission and tonight is an xrield demonstrates a place for a lot of people poor people and disadvantaged people and artist and middle-income people and, yes even wealthy people change is scary for me we all
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work hard to live here our city is many things to many people but we all pride ourselves in the diversity tonight we've heard a lot of things about the love that people have for the mission and for our city we've also heard troubling things inclusions language that people wouldn't use describing other people we've democrat in his techies and called people gentrificationers i find offend offensive ethnic clarence those don't belong in my city of san francisco there are 13 sites to be built on 8 hundred and 50 we need more unfortunately good agree with the moratorium it is the wrong decision and also fueling a hated at division of
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our community which isn't right we need to work together to solve those problems and it is only together that we will solve those problems techies and gent firs whatever you want to call >> thank you, sir. thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is larry juicy edmond and this i have keys daily each and every needs keys daily the tech workers against the displacement and the st. anthony's you know to save our planet but we have the rainbow on market street today, the good and the bad and the ugly we deal
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with hilton hell letter 0 wanted to kill the gaze and the jewish and others martin luther king said the constitution keyboard should have basic black and white how the american rights i don't know about the word homeless no one is homeless the statue of liberty displeases if we're doing ethnic clarence we're decolonizing a country that the one percent have you working to kill the 95 percent why are we fighting wars in another country when the war is right at home you upcoming this is america and anyone that will kill our own brothers and sisters your worse than a rapeer and killing families and ann cherries since
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saturday and sunday the police say always or people and going to jail why in the mission on saturday and sunday people are getting arrested this ethnic cleansing i know that jonestown 9 heed and 28 people killed in johnstown and george moscone and harvey milk they get the people to get you evicted speculation. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you (clapping.) >> i'm an sf native and a student at san francisco state university i disagree respectfully with the comments about the sfaurt democrats i
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know that (clapping.) that those agreements are respectively of all students affordable is the number one thing effecting students the cost of education and housing is unbearable i know that are living in their families of 8 in one apartment and in the cars and streets homeless we're living in closest and eating top roman everyday to pay the rent we have $20,000 in debt and having the sideline on the debt we can work a multiple job is another thing caused by gentrification and how are we supposed to be a progressive city those who want to get an education how people to be a
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board of supervisors like you one day can't afford to live in a city they go to school a moratorium is a stepping stone for the mission community to put a community led plan to say what is left of the heart of san francisco we're talking about affordable housing here but why am i learning that all the public housing in the bay area is privatized through hud's demonstrates stop the eviction and support of the students and support of moratorium thank you (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) hello, everyone i'm a recent graduate of staifrt i live in the sunset i'm also in threat of
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eviction this housing issue is not only an issue in the mission but also throughout the city and throughout the bay area region the moratorium is a chance for all of you to reflect and what the community is saying past the anger and aggression this is from frustration and sadness the moratorium will reflect how to work together and serve the community (415) 575-4444 a human right every person regardless of race and class has the right to a sense of community and sense of security and also a roof over their heads it is time to prioritize human needs please vote yes on the moratorium and work together for solutions >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.)
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>> hello i have been here since 2 lost any minimum wage job risking being fired since all the supervisors are making more than 1225 especially those changing checking the notifications under the table we can tell and see i'm a second-generation native raised in the excelsior a product of public school system and one of the very few unfortunate fortunate we have a community and latinos and asians and african-americans native-american and white yes white because we're had enough with the people's greed as a youth supervisor provider you
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don't have a clue people will be needing to work more hours trying to go to high school or live a community life it is the reality of many in san francisco no one should have to go through that especially a teenager our people bring things to the city we're the city we cook different ethnic foods and clean up after messy people and watch our kids that's why our kids are quote/unquote ahead of the game and oftentimes don't have time for our own families and what can minimum wage i can't tell you how many times my mom may not make it home scared getting hit by a drunk driver this is
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detrimental to her health she is doing that for a roof over our heads. >> thank you very much thank you. >> (inaudible). >> thank you. >> if you can finish thank you, thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) thank you thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (inaudible). >> hi. >> i don't know is that working am i okay? 6 hours of testimony and storage conditions which are obviously hurting everyone storage
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conditions is why i starred over a year ago grandfathering my friends to go to the planning commission we're starving for anything go forward so the problem with the mission moratorium is not the hundred percent affordable they minimal they only 8 hundred 50 units on the lots why is inambitious going forward the kinds of projects that are going to solve our crisis permanently have things like the 75 howard t n d c drop i think that san francisco deserves the opportunity to have a hearing on that project and not let it be killed by backroom negotiations so if you could please board of supervisors encourage paramount
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to resubmit their original 4 story project for that hundred and 5 units for taylor and eddy they need the money to finish it all this energy for affordable housing we need it and there's an opportunity for us right foreclose of us with this kind of up zoning for subsidizing affordable housing slots thanks >> thank you >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) >> hello is this working my name is ousting i was born in san francisco in the 1980s and working during the 90s of i saw what happened then in the first, i'm currently residing here i know this is long please give our attention to the speakers i moved away for
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economic reasons to pursue work when i moved back i didn't recognize the mists a make sure it was a completely different neighborhood and an era of intolerance i didn't experience in multiple san francisco a lot of money being powder in san francisco and that money is from international capital not necessarily from our voting constituents who value you guys into office i saw an assembly driblt race there were thousands of volunteers that don't live in the district that volunteer for the candidates and the on the candidate one because of an all staff campaign very very late in the game all that hard work of